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Sending Section Announcement Emails
Sending Section Announcement Emails
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Creating Announcements

Use Announcements to email important or time-sensitive information to an entire Section.

This functionality is available to Users with Instructor-permissions (including TAs, Back-up Instructors, or Guest Instructors) for a given Section, as well as Organization Administrators.

To get started, visit the Section Page and click the Send Announcement button in the top right corner.

Add Content and Files

Compose your Subject and Message in the interface.

You can add an attachment to your Announcement by dragging a supported file into the gray area or clicking the “upload” link.

Use the Sharing checkbox to specify if you’d like to send your Announcement to fellow TAs and Instructors in the Section.


  • Announcements are like emails, they cannot be edited once sent or scheduled. Be sure to review your message carefully before sending!

  • When Students view Announcements in Forum, the message is truncated until a User clicks to expand. Choose a short but descriptive Subject to inform Users what the message is about.

Choose When to Send Your Announcement

Once you’re done crafting your message, you can either send it immediately or send it later.

If you wish to send your Announcement immediately, press the Send button to trigger an email now. If you wish to send your Announcement at a later date, press the Schedule Send button. There you can choose a date and time. Press Schedule Send again to schedule your Announcement for the specified scheduled send date.

Please note that once an Announcement is scheduled, it cannot be edited. It can, however, be deleted (before the scheduled send date) from the Announcements Page. To navigate to the Announcement Page, click See all announcements at the bottom of the Announcement section on the Dashboard.

Scheduled Announcements are indicated using an orange circle. Until they are sent, these Announcements will appear at the top of the default view of the Announcements Page.

Before the scheduled send date, Scheduled messages are only visible to Users with Staff Enrollments. After the email has been sent, all Section users will see the Announcement in Forum.

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