Adding and Accessing Class Resources
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Forum supports a variety of resources in the classroom:

  • File uploads (including PDFs and images)

  • URLs (including YouTube videos)

  • Captured Video Frames

  • Google Drive documents

Uploading Resources

To add resources to a class, click the Documents button in the toolbar, scroll down to Click to Upload a Resource, and choose the type of resource you want to add.

Upload a File

Selecting Upload a File prompts you to select a file from your computer. Your uploads are listed under ‘Uploaded by Staff’ and available to feature in class at any time.

PDFs and Images

When you add a PDF or image to the classroom, it automatically has a whiteboard enabled so that you can mark it up. Only the instructor can draw on the PDF, unless student drawing is enabled in the class settings (top right).


Clicking Add a URL presents you with an input. Note that Forum only allows secure websites, so be sure that all URLs start with https://

Forum displays a website to users just as if they viewed it in their own browser. Users can navigate the site independently, click links, and fill out forms.


When the URL is a YouTube video, the instructor has the control of Start and Pause for all students. If the instructor jumps to a specific time in the video, the students will too. The students see exactly what the instructor chooses to play.

Capture Video Frame

Selecting ‘Capture Video Frame’ allows you to capture a video frame from your webcam. Your video capture is stored under ‘Uploaded by Staff’, where you can select to feature the video frame in class at any time.

Google Drive

If you are logged in to Forum using Google, selecting Add from Google Drive lets you add documents from a Google account.

Using Resources During Class

Documents Sidebar

To use a resource in class, click the folder icon on the sidebar. You can display new or existing resources by dragging them from the sidebar to the stage. In the sidebar you can find resources that were generated in class, such as breakouts notes.

Drag and Drop

To feature a document, you can drag and drop the document from the sidebar onto a pane of the main stage. If the stage has multiple panes, you can feature multiple documents side by side.

Accessing Resources After Class

Resources can be accessed after the class has ended. To do so, navigate to the ‘Past Classes’ of your course and select the class whose resources you would like to view.

Here you can view all the resources available.

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