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Whiteboards and Drawing Controls
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Opening Drawing Toolbar

To open the drawing toolbar, click the pencil icon at the top of any whiteboard or PDF resource on stage:

Drawing Tools

The drawing tools allow you to write and draw. The tools are:

  • Draw (Icon #1): Draw using your cursor or stylus. Click the draw icon to open the color and stroke weight settings:

  • Text (Icon #2): Superimpose text. Click the text icon to open the color and text size settings:

  • Erase (Icon #3): Change your cursor into an eraser to remove text or drawing. You also have the option to clear everything on the resource.

  • Select (Icon #4): You can select drawings or texts on the resource. You can click specific items or drag the cursor to select everything in the area. Selected items can then be moved or deleted.

  • Undo/Redo (Icon #5): You can return a previous step via undo, or bring back a removed step via redo.


To add a whiteboard to the stage, click Documents in the toolbar, and click or drag the Whiteboard button.

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