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All classes in Forum have a class chat where you can write messages about the session’s material.

Viewing Class Chat

There are two ways to open the class chat: click the chat icon in the sidebar or press the ‘c’ key on your keyboard.

Writing in Class Chat

Click on the text box at the bottom that says “Type your comment here.” Then, type a message.

Push the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key to send your message. The message is visible to everyone in class.

Tagging Others in Class Chat

To tag someone in the class chat, write ‘@’ and then their name. The person tagged will receive a notification. Note that all messages are visible to everyone present.

Using LaTeX in Chat

Forum supports LaTeX equations, which you can write in the class chat. The default math delimiters are ‘$$...$$’ and ‘\[...\]’ for displayed mathematics, and ‘\(...\)’ for in-line mathematics.

Like regular chat messages, messages containing LaTeX can be featured with the formatted output displayed.

For an overview of some of the most common LaTeX commands, read the LaTeX command glossary.

Using Emojis in Chat

Send emojis in chat by typing ‘:emoji_code:’ where emoji_code is the code of the emoji you wish to send.

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