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Push to Talk Basics

Push to Talk (PTT) is a mode in which you press and hold the ‘ctrl’ key to activate your microphone. When you hold down the ‘ctrl’ key, three things happen:

  1. Your audio is live for all present in the session

  2. A green border appears around your video feed

  3. If available, your video feed is moved to a pane on the stage

When to Use Push to Talk

PTT is required when the microphone icon in the upper right is red with a slash through the middle, as seen below. When the icon is red you are muted and must hold down ‘ctrl’ to speak.

When Push to Talk is Disabled

If PTT is disabled you can toggle being muted or unmuted by clicking on the microphone icon, thereby turning it black. This will only be possible if the instructor leading your class has allowed participants to toggle their mute setting. A black microphone icon indicates that you are currently unmuted and your audio is live, so you can simply speak into your microphone without pushing anything.

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