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Pre-Class Checklist for Students
Pre-Class Checklist for Students
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Before class:

  1. Restart your computer

  2. Run a speed test to check your internet connection. Have a backup plan (e.g. alternate location) if you have a bad connection (

  3. Log in and check your computer's camera and audio — make sure you pass (and do not skip) the A/V check

  4. Close all programs and tabs except for the Forum tab on Chrome.

  5. Make sure you have completed (and submitted, if applicable) the pre-class work and readings

At the time of your class:

  1. Enter the classroom several minutes early to complete and pass the A/V check

  2. Make sure you understand the goals and topics for the class at the beginning

  3. Participate fully in all activities and exercises

Some tips to ensure a good class experience: 

  1. Connect to the Internet via an ethernet cable when able

  2. Avoid using hot spots, taking a class from cafés, or taking classes from public buildings (if you do, run a speed test)

  3. Close all other apps and browser windows open while using Forum

  4. Remember the three Rs if you encounter trouble: Refresh A/V, (exit and) Re-enter the classroom, and Restart your laptop

  5. Reach out to live tech support for any assistance needed during class

  6. Use the Chrome web browser (other browsers are not supported)

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