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Computer and Equipment Suggestions
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To take classes on Forum, you will need a computer that meets the system requirements. The following two laptops are our current recommendations as of Jan 2021. We update these recommendations approximately once a year.

Additional Equipment

Ethernet Adapter and Cable

You must have the ability to connect your laptop to a wired ethernet connection. The recommended Dell uses a USB Ethernet adapter or USB-C Ethernet adapter. The recommended MacBook Air uses a USB-C Ethernet adapter. In either case you will also need an Ethernet cable.

Headphones and Microphone Headset

You must have a working headset. We recommend buying a sound-isolating headset such as the Sennheiser SC60 Headset, which provides superior sound for you and picks up your voice accurately.

Graphic Drawing Tablet

We strongly recommend purchasing a graphic drawing tablet for writing on the Forum whiteboard. We recommend the Huion 420 (least expensive, most portable), the Huion H640P (slightly larger, slightly more expensive), or an iPad (most expensive, Mac only).

Other Computers

If you wish to use a computer other than one of the two recommended above, please make sure it meets Forum's system requirements.

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