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Using an iPad and Apple Pencil to Improve the Whiteboard Experience
Using an iPad and Apple Pencil to Improve the Whiteboard Experience
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You’ll need:

  • An iPad using iOS 12.0 or later

  • A computer using macOS 12.3+ or Windows 10+

  • A cable to connect your iPad to your computer


Sign up for an account with Duet Display and begin a 7-day free trial of the Duet Air plan. You’ll need to provide a credit card at the time, but your card won’t be charged until your trial ends. After your free trial, an annual Duet subscription costs $25 USD.

Once you’ve signed up, follow the prompt to download and install Duet Display on your computer and tablet. You can even use your iPhone!

Follow the installation instructions to grant Duet the necessary permissions. Great, Duet is ready!

To use your tablet to draw on whiteboards in a Forum classroom, enter the classroom on your computer like you usually would and load a new whiteboard.

With the Duet application open on both your computer and tablet, connect your tablet to your computer using your cable. You can also connect wirelessly if you prefer.

Once your computer recognizes your tablet device, your computer will show the Settings for your device. Under the Resolution title, check the Mirror Display checkbox and you should see your computer screen mirrored on your tablet!

Just like that, you can use your iPad and Apple Pencil (or Android tablet and stylus) to interact with the whiteboard!

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