Hardware Setup

You'll need:

Ensure your Mac and iPad are on the same Wifi network, and also make sure your iPad and Pencil are charged.

Software Setup

Download and install Astropad Standard for MacOS (free) on your Mac. On your iPad, head to the App Store and install Astropad Standard ($30).

Drawing in Class

Enter or create a classroom in the Forum and load a new whiteboard:

Launch Astopad on your iPad:

Launch Astropad on your Mac and choose the region you want to share:

Note: you can change the amount of the screen that is mirrored to the iPad:

Now when you draw on the iPad with the pencil:

The results are shown to the classroom:


At any time you can choose to a different zoom level or region of the classroom to mirror from the iPad. To do this, press the circle button with one finger, and pinch and zoom with the other:

Controlling Zoom and Brush Size

Note: while Astropad has a menu for controlling zoom level and brush size, they don't connect to seminar:

You’ll still have to use the in-class controls to change line width or color:

Additional Help

If you'd like a video version of the above instructions, head to:

Please see these guides for more specific help with your iPad, Pencil or Astropad:

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