1. Check Internet Connectivity

*Perform this test before taking the session in any new place.

It is important that you have a strong Internet connection so the Forum functions correctly.
To check your connection go to: https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/ and click "Begin Test." Your results must be

Download Speed: at least 5 Mbps
Upload Speed: at least 1 Mbps
Ping: below 100ms
Jitter: below 50ms

We highly suggest using a wired ethernet Internet connection rather than WiFi.

2. Use a Headset with an In-line Microphone

You should use a headset during session, since speaker echo and ambient noise interrupts other participants. Acceptable options include the standard Apple headphones with in-line microphone, or the Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000. Connect it to the computer and make sure it works.

3. Download the Minerva Forum App

To download the app, please follow this link here

4. Take a Profile Picture

Select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu in the header bar and select “Take a New Photo

5. Add Calendar Feed

You have access to a personalized calendar feed of all of your academic work, including descriptions and links to class sessions, assignment due dates, quiz deadlines. Step-by-step instructions for adding this to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or an iPad/iPhone calendar are available. (The Edit Profile page in the Forum displays the URL for your personalized calendar feed.)

6. Remember to close all other apps and tabs during Class

Since the platform is very resource-intensive on your computer, you should close all other applications and tabs to free up CPU. See help center for further details. You can use extensions like OneTab to save your tabs for later.

If Using Chrome Instead of the Forum App

Follow these steps if you cannot run the Forum App to run class through the Chrome browser:

1. Install the Latest Version of Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be downloaded from google.com/chrome/browser/. If you already have it, update to the latest version by restarting Chrome (command+Q on mac).

2. Log on to Forum

For Minerva School Students and Faculty
Navigate to forum.minerva.kgi.edu
Log in via Google Login

For all other users
Navigate to forum.minervaproject.com
Log in using your email address and password

3. Install the Minerva Screen-share Extension

-Navigate to goo.gl/zQqQw2 and click the “+ Free” button next to the Minerva Seminar title.
-Choose “Add” from the confirmation box. 

This enables you to share your screen in class.


Headsets and Microphones

  1. Please wear your headset, even if you are alone in the room (speaker audio affects others’ experience in class).
  2. Make sure you have a microphone in your headset, its quality would be much better than the computer’s microphone.
  3. To help yourself and your classes sound great, we recommend buying this headset. It helps block background noise.


You have many controls in breakouts to manage the number of panes in the center area ("The Main Stage") and which documents show up. Get comfortable at configuring your documents views using number keys and uploading documents. See this article for more on how to control this during a breakout.

Tech support

If something crucial defects your class, jump into live chat support via the option in the help menu.

  • In the upper right hand corner, click the "?"
  • Select "live chat support"

An agent will respond within a few moments to assist you with your classroom troubles. 

If your need isn’t highly urgent, please send an email to helpdesk@minerva.kgi.edu or helpdesk@minervaproject.com 

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